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من نحن
Who We Are

نحن نعيش مع الابداع

تاسست سوليتير سنة 2000 كشركة لبيع المطابخ بفرع واحد ، وفى عام 2006 قامت شركة المدلول بالأستحواذ عليها بالكامل
ومنذ ذلك التاريخ وبفضل الله والعمل الدؤوب وروح الفريق اصبح لدى الشركة 5 افرع منتشرة فى الكويت إضافة الى انشاءنا لمصنع سوليتير لمطابخ الالمنيوم

We live with creativity

Solitaire was established in the year 2000 as a company that sells kitchens with one branch. In 2006 Al-Muddoul Company acquired it completely
Since then, thanks God and hard work and team spirit, the company has 5 branches spread in Kuwait, in addition we set up Solitaire factory for aluminum kitchens.

Dr. Fahad Almutairi

Chairman & CEO

Mohammad Al Shahat

General Manager

Ahmad Abu Taleb

Aluminum department Manager

Ashraf Mohammad

Steel department Manager

Mohammad Shawqi



Kitchens design

مصممين ذوي كفاءة وخبرة
Experienced designers

Kitchens Manufacturing

تصنيع بجودة عالية
High quality manufacturing

Kitchens Installation

عمالة مدربة
trained professionals

Kitchens Guarantee

نحن نضمن لكم منتجاتنا
We guarantee our products

Our Works

We are an established and trusted kitchen manufacturer with a reputation for commitment and high integrity

Our Showrooms

خالد المصرى
Khaled Almasri

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احمد سالم
Ahmad Salem

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احمد عيسى
Ahmad Essa

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على نجيب
Ali Najeeb

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